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Castelvero goes green and screwy

corteseBeginning with the 2008 vintage, Castelvero Piemonte Cortese (part of the Araldica family) will be bottled with screw caps instead of corks.

Why screw caps?

Screw caps are better for the environment.

Screw caps help to preserve precious and over-farmed cork for wines intended for long-term aging.

Screw caps help to reduce the cost of wines because they help to reduce the cost of precious cork.

Screw caps reduce (to near 0%) the number of bottles affected by cork taint (some estimate that as many as 1 in 8 bottles are tainted by bad cork or TCA).

Screw caps are more “user-friendly” for the general consumer (who may not know how to properly “pull” a cork).

Screw caps make it easier to preserve wine that has been opened.