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Mosaic Wine Group is proud to announce the addition of Antonio Gianola to the sales and marketing team. Antonio has long been one of the most respected sommeliers and wine buyers in the state, and will be an incredible asset to the Mosaic Wine Group portfolio.

Antonio was most recently Sommelier and General Manager at Catalan Restaurant in Houston, managing one of the most exciting wine programs in the country. Previous to Catalan, Antonio managed the extensive Italian wine program at DaMarco in Houston.

Antonio lives in Houston with his lovely bride, Melissa.

Please join me in welcoming Antonio Gianola to the team of Mosaic Wine Group.  Antonio can be contacted at


Mosaic Wine Group celebrates the month of Movember for Cancer Research

Mosaic Wine Group is a proud supporter of Movember: Changing the Face of Men’s Health and will be hosting a special fundraising benefit for this great cause with an event at Parkside Restaurant in Austin, TX on Monday, November 23rd from 7-10pm. The event will include fine wines from the Mosaic Wine Group portfolio, incredible food from Parkside Restaurant and music from Austin’s own Slow Down Lady.

Movember is the month formerly known as November, and has become an important month for raising awareness and funds for cancer research that afflicts males – specifically testicular and prostate cancers, which affects 1-in-6 men.
During the month of Movember men across the globe will be growing mustaches, hosting events and raising money for this important cause.Movember Poster

The idea for Movember was sparked in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia to help raise awareness towards cancers that afflict males, specifically testicular and prostate cancer. The movement has spread globally, and to date Movember has raised over $47 million for this important cause. Mosaic Wine Group has launched its own team, MO’BETTA, with a goal of spreading the good word and raising funds and awareness. The Lance Armstrong Foundation is one of the primary beneficiaries of Movember, and Mosaic Wine Group is honored to be a part of this movement.

Earlier this year my father, Ron Redman, was diagnosed with colon cancer at 68 years old. This news was devastating to my family, given what little we actually knew about cancer. That was when a good friend of mine, Chris Brewer, from the Lance Armstrong Foundation came to the rescue. He put us in contact with the foundation, who flooded my family with information on cancer, treatments and recovery, which armed us with knowledge that my father could beat this thing! Having long been a supporter of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, now I have a vested interest in supporting the cause to help find a cure.

Monday, November 23rd, 2009.  7-10pm
Parkside RestaurantParkside-Logo
301 East 6th Street (corner of 6th & San Jacinto)
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 474-9898

To purchase tickets, or simply to donate money to the cause:

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Please bring a copy of your receipt to the event (your name will be on the guest list at the door).

For more information on Movember and to join the cause and/or donate to MO’BETTA, go to

CLOS LA COUTALE CAHORS – 90 points from Wine Spectator!


“Big, rich and darkly colored—these are the descriptors for the best red wines from the Cahors district of southwest France. The leading grape is Malbec (that’s right, there was Malbec before Argentina) and now a small group of quality-oriented producers is pursuing a higher profile for Malbec in its homeland. Tannat and Merlot can also used in these blends. Besides an array of dark fruit flavors, the following wines from Cahors offer plenty of muscle and dense structures. They beg to be drunk with a juicy rib-eye or a roasted leg of lamb. There’s a good sense of elegance to the well-defined, concentrated flavors of dark cherry, blackberry and plum, followed by notes of sage, dark chocolate and tobacco leaf on the long, powerful finish. Drink now. 5,000 cases imported. — Kim Marcus“

Philippe Bernéde is a renaissance man whose interests range from cooking, to sports, aviation and a few patented inventions. Winegrowing is his passion, however, and it shows in the quality of his wine. This 55 hectare estate spreads over a stretch of land on the alluvial valley floor, along the meandering Lot River. The soil, which consists of gravel, silica clay and limestone, is particularly well-suited for vines. Because the vineyards face southwest, they are protected from the cold winds that blow from the Causse upland plateau. This also allows the fruit to achieve full ripeness early in the season.

The domaine has been in the family for six generations and is planted to the traditional varietals of Cahors – Malbec (locally known as ‘Cot’), which provides deep color, structure and tannin and Merlot, which softens the young wine and improves the bouquet. The wine is aged in large oak foudres before being bottled unfiltered. Although it can be enjoyed young, it ages very well.

“Incredibly bright color, like the skin of a ripe black cherry, the aroma captivates. There is a suspicion of new oak, a jumble of black fruits (cherry, cassis, blackberry), plus a little corner of blueberry, plus a subtle smoky nuance, and a fleeting suggestion of black truffle. And the perfume is only the opening salvo. The palate is rich, loaded with delicious fruit. It is round, and tannic with superb balance and structure.” – Kermit Lynch

dan_kermit1a_2 Dan & Melinda Redman of Mosaic Wine Group with Kermit Lynch

BEEN DOON SO LONG – Mosaic Wine Group welcomes back an old friend – Bonny Doon Vineyard!

What a difference a Doon makes! Mosaic Wine Group is very pleased to announce its newest addition to the portfolio – an old friend, adviser and colleague, Randall Grahm and Bonny Doon Vineyard! Times have changed for the Grahm over the past couple of years, as he has retooled his portfolio in order to streamline his message of building one of the the greatest biodynamic wineries that California has ever produced.

P8310133Dan Redman of Mosaic Wine Group and the Grand Master of Wine Zen

I had the opportunity to work with Randall Grahm and Bonny Doon Vineyard during their monumental climb of brand equity and consumer recognition, with the rise of Big House Red, White & Pink. Having sold off those ‘industrialized’ wine labels, he has focused his sights on streamlining his portfolio to create wines of great substance and character, through biodynamics. Randall first introduced me to the ways and means of Biodynamics at a Bonny Doon National Sales Meeting several years ago in California, when he invited one its pioneering forefathers, Nicolas Joly of Coulee de Serrant, in the Loire Valley of France, to speak to a room full of farmers and winemakers. It was that day that the lightbulb turned on for me, regarding biodynamics, and I have immersed myself in learning as much about this ‘natural’ style of farming in order to help educate the masses to its benefits.images-2

Randall Grahm is back, and he’s better than ever! Known for his razor sharp wit and intellect, he has a new book, titled ‘Been Doon So Long’ being released next month, which chronicles his life, his stories and his penchant for making world class wines in California. I hope to have Randall back in Texas soon when he tours the country on a national book signing tour.Been Doon So Long

Here is a letter that Randall authored, which is going out to the trade channels of Texas.

Dear friends and fine wine buyers of Texas –

Randall Grahm here, speaking to you through the magically realistic medium of words. I’m writing to tell you about some very significant changes chez Doon.  You have, perhaps, heard of our divestiture of the Big House and Cardinal Zin brands?  No need to get into the convoluted psychological mechanisms that motivated the sale[1] of the brands and significant restructuring of the company,[2] but suffice it to say that we are now calibrated to a truer compass, becoming ever more congruent to our deepest values and aesthetic sensibilities. We have cut our production 90%, and reduced the range of wines produced similarly.

The Bonny Doon portfolio is now much smaller and more focused, deeply committed to vins de terroir. It is our aim to move as quickly as we can to utilizing only Estate grown fruit, but this process, of course, does not occur overnight.  At the moment, we are farming 125 eclectic acres biodynamically in Soledad, CA, and the third commercial releases of these wines – Albariño and Muscat most notably – were released in February.  They are pure,[3] mineral-intensive wines and a great harbinger of things to come.  Since 2007, they are also certified Biodynamic® by Demeter. These wines, along with an extremely distinctive Sangiovese (also farmed biodynamically in the slightly warmer climes of San Benito County) will be sold under the Ca’ del Solo label.

Until our new Estate vineyards are producing, we have greatly upgraded all our grape sources[4] – all killer, no filler, as it were, and are working primarily with biodynamically grown fruit. From the 2008 harvest, we sourced about 70% of our fruit from biodynamically farmed (working towards certification) vineyards.

The core of the Bonny Doon portfolio remains the Cigare family – Le Cigare Volant, Le Cigare Blanc, Vin Gris de Cigare and Le Vol des Anges;[5] this was the starship that brought us here (and will presumably take us back some day).  As a complement to the meridional Cigare, we also produce a septentrional[6] Syrah, “Le Pousseur,” from the Central Coast. We will plant a large (100ish acre) Estate Cigare vineyard in the area in the coming year, with the aim of producing a Truly Great Cigare.  I believe that we have seen a great breakthrough in the quality of Cigare in recent vintages, and if you have been following our wines, this is not really news to you.[7]

The most germane news that I have to report is that in addition to Pioneer Wine Company, Bonny Doon wines are now also being represented in Texas by Dan Redman’s Mosaic Wine Group.  We are very excited to be working again with Dan. He is a particularly passionate wine person; if you aren’t already cognizant of this truth, I promise you that it will be a great pleasure for you to work with him.

Dan Redman, Mosaic Wine Group
P (512) 904-9463
M (713) 398-2604
F (512) 401-3101
9120 Edwardson Lane
Austin, TX 78749

Pioneer Wine Company
North and East Texas, Dallas (214) 461.7600
Central, South & West Texas, Austin (512) 895.0558
Greater Houston Area (832) 778.5743

Best wishes,

Randall Grahm
Winemaker & President-for-life

[1] In brief, I felt that the company had drifted too far from its originating spirit – a commitment to distinctive, fine wines, to terroir (though I didn’t really fully appreciate the preciousness of this notion back then).  Further, I had developed a very keen interest in Biodynamic wines, wines with more soul and life-force.  At the scale that we had attained, it was effectively impossible to convert our portfolio to 100% Biodynamic production.

[2] The most salient changes: Big House and Cardinal Zin brands were sold to The Wine Group (i.e. no longer Bonny Doon products) and we are phasing out certain products (viz. Eurodoon wines and others) to make the line more coherent.  The Pacific Rim brand, while I still own will be a quasi-autonomous entity no longer managed by Bonny Doon directly, nor sold by the Bonny Doon Vineyard sales team.

[3] Is purity really a virtue in this town?  All of the wines from our Ca’ del Solo vineyard, at least, were fermented this year with indigenous yeast; use of enzymes and other technical aids were eschewed, as was acidification and virtually all of the winemaking tricks upon which we winemakers have grown so reliant.

[4] We have changed too many practices to really enumerate here, but the biodynamic bit has really made the largest difference.

[5] “The Angel’s Flight.” A new dessert wine for us, botrytised roussanne, which should set everyone free.

[6] Referring to grapes grown below or above the 45th parallel, but in fact signifying a Southern and Northern Rhône style respectively.

[7] Certainly we were somewhat distracted by the Big House sideshow and all of the marketing schtick that attended it, but we have been on the path back to Our Roots, as it were, for a few years now.

Summer Wines to Soothe the Senses

Thanks for your patience over the past few weeks and a lack of postings. Mosaic Wine Group has been chock fulla travel, but we’ve got a slew of updates, including some great news, incredible press and exciting events to keep your wine needs and desires sated!

Hope that everyone is having a wonderful winederful summer. With consistent triple-digit temperatures and no foreseeable end in sight, may we recommend some cool, crisp, aromatic white wines, rosés and (of course) sparkling wine!

6256_126679692124_82067522124_3013265_3024512_n Jeff Feinberg and Dan Redman of Mosaic Wine Group blind taste sparkling wines in the vineyards at Laetitia.

May we suggest the following quaffable wines for your summer wine needs?


  • Laetitia Brut Cuvee
  • Laetitia Brut Rosé
  • Bisol Jeio Rosé
  • Bisol Crede Prosecco

lucio_mastroberardinoLucio Mastroberardino of Terredora di Paolo is well known for his crisp, aromatic white wines


  • Terredora di Paolo Falanghina, 2008 (Campania, Italy)
  • Domaine du Salvard Cheverny, 2008 (Loire Valley, France)
  • Bonny Doon Albariño, 2007 (Monterey, California)
  • Bonny Doon Dry Muscat, 2007 (Monterey, California)
  • Groom Sauvignon Blanc, 2008 (Adelaide Hills, Australia)
  • Patz & Hall Dutton Ranch Chardonnay, 2006 (Sonoma, California)
  • Neyers Carneros District Chardonnay, 2007 (Carneros, California)
  • Abbazia di Novacella Kerner, 2007 ( Alto Adige, Italy)
  • Arizona Stronghold ‘TAZI’, 2008 (Cochise County, Arizona)


  • Cantele Negroamaro Rosato, 2008 (Puglia, Italy)
  • Bonny Doon Vin Gris de Cigare, 2008 (California)
  • Hippolyte Reverdy Sancerre Rosé, 2008 (Loire Valley, France)
  • Arizona Stronghold ‘Dayden’ Rosé, 2008 (Cochise County, Arizona)


Chateau Trinqueuedel Tavel Rosé,  Domaine du Salvard Cheverny Rosé, Hippolyte Reverdy Sancerre Rosé
and Argiano L’O Rosato (clockwise from top left)

Light-to-Medium Bodied Red Wines:images-1

  • Marcel Lapierre Morgon, 2007 (Beaujolais, France)
  • Capestrano Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, 2007 (Abruzzo, Italy)
  • Laetitia Estate Pinot Noir, 2007 (Arroyo Grande, California)
  • Patz & Hall Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, 2007 (Sonoma, California)


Mosaic Wine Group proudly announces the addition of Patz & Hall Winery!

260Mosaic Wine Group is pleased to announce the addition of Patz & Hall Winery to its incredible portfolio of clients. Patz & Hall is acclaimed as one of the top producers of world class Pinot Noirs & Chardonnays from California. With a philosophy of utilizing only the best and most trusted farmers from the greatest vineyards in Napa & Sonoma, Patz & Hall has created a diverse portfolio of amazing, focused wines.

Established in 1988, Donald Patz & James Hall embarked upon their mission to craft benchmark, small-production, single-vineyard Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs from the best vineyard sources in Napa & Sonoma. Today the winery produces 8 top-quality Chardonnays and 7 incredible Pinot Noirs. Here’s a breakdown of the portfolio, with descriptions:


  • Dutton Ranch: Always one of the most highly sought-after single vineyards for Chardonnay, this dry-farmed vineyard produces small, but intensely concentrated fruit. Tasting Notes: Aromas of stone fruit and green apple and pure fruit flavors of pineapple, peach and spicy pear, with an intricate, plush and creamy palate and a long, textured finish with dense, structured acidity.
  • Napa Valley: This Napa Valley appellation wine combines three distinctive vineyard sources, including Hudson Vineyard in Carneros, Atlas Peak’s Antinori Vineyard and Garvey Vineyard in Oakville. Tasting Notes: Bright flavors of green apple, pear, lychee and white flowers coalesce in a richly textured and elegantly balanced wine that concludes with a long, satisfying finish.
  • Alder Springs: At 2600′ elevation in Chato Peak in Northern Mendocino, Alder Springs is one of the highest Chardonnay vineyards in California. Tasting Notes: Remarkable density and palate tension with concentrated aromas of spicy cinnamon pastry, honey, peach and pineapple. Beautifully textured with intricate stone fruit flavors and extraordinary minerality, this is a benchmark wine from an elite mountain vineyard. (520 cases produced)
  • Hyde Vineyard: Located in Carneros, Larry Hyde is highly regarded for his incredible Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vineyards. Tasting Notes: Well defined with lemon cream, orange blossom and creme brulee flavors, with restrained oak, refreshing acidity and an appealing roasted hazelnut quality. (2,690 cases produced)
  • Hudson Vineyard: Also located in Carneros, Hudson Vineyard is characterized by the well-drained loam soils and long hangtimes. Tasting Notes: Crisp acidity lends a balancing freshness and minerality to vibrant, juicy fruit elements of citrus peal, grapefruit, peaches and lightly poached pears, with well-integrated oak that contributes a textural foundation and hints of clove. (845 cases produced)
  • Zio Tony Ranch: Located in the Russian River Valley and owned by the Martinelli family, with iron-rich, reddish sandy loam soils. Tasting Notes: Vibrant and racy, with bright minerality and layers of concentrated peach, spicy pear, green apple and honeydew melon. Intriguing floral and spice elements are accented by pleasing layers of vanilla, clove and maple syrup. (448 cases produced)
  • Durell Vineyard: From Sonoma Valley, these meticulously farmed vineyards produce extremely low yields and beautiful, concentrated fruit. Tasting Notes: Displaying cool climate elements of the fruit spectrum with lemon blossom, crisp pippin apple, pear and lemon cream, with a cleansing acidity, natural minerality and an extraordinary finish.


  • Sonoma Coast: This Sonoma Coast appellation wine combines vineyard sites from Sonoma Coast, Green Valley, Sonoma Valley and Russian River Valley. Tasting Notes: Beautiful expression of PInot Noir with bright red fruit aromas of cranberry and pomegranate, accentuated by seductive layers of chambord, butter and cinnamon spice. Exhibits classic acidity with well-structured and balanced cranberry and cherry notes.
  • Hyde Vineyard: Carneros is one of the classic locales for Pinot Noir and Larry Hyde is a master of Carneros. Tasting Notes: Showcases layers of strawberry, cherry and cassis, with an exotic hint of cinnamon-clove spice, intricate balance and complexity and smooth tannins and focused acidity. (1,515 cases produced)
  • Alder Springs: Defined by its high elevation and low-vigor uplifted marine soils Alder Springs produces small vines, clusters and berries. Tasting Notes: Vibrant aromatics of plum skin, cranberry and tart cherry, which segues to flavors of red and dark fruit and enticing notes of sassafras and licorice, with youthful acidity and silky tannins.
  • Chenoweth Ranch: Located in Green Valley, Chenoweth is one of the regions coolest areas and is farmed exclusively for Patz & Hall. Tasting Notes: Concentrated red fruit flavors of plum skin, cherry and pomegranate, and deep layers of maple syrup, blackberry and wood smoke, with polished, sweet tannins that will appeal with maturity.
  • Pisoni Vineyard: Gary Pisoni is considered by many to be the King of the Santa Lucia Highlands, and his vineyards yield grapes of remarkable power and complexity. Tasting Notes: Red apple and raspberry aromas the reveal notes of smoky clove and loganberry, with classic Pisoni layers of raspberry, blackberry and strawberry pie and incredible length and depth. (224 cases produced)
  • Jenkins Ranch: These low-yielding, gravelly loam soil vineyards are located in Sebastopol and exhibit beautiful Sonoma Coast flavors, aromas and acidity. Tasting Notes: Supple, satisfying and elegant, with walnut bread aromas that mingle with layers of clove, cinnamon spice and mulled cherry cider. The palate is creamy, with highlights of raspberry, cherry and pomegranate flavors and a soft, lingering finish.
  • Burnside Vineyard: This Sonoma Coast vineyard expresses classic Pinot Noir aromas and flavors with cool marine elements from the Pacific Ocean. Tasting Notes: Beautiful and energetic with tremendous extraction, aromas of dark cherry, rose petal and cinnamon and plush flavors of red apple, cranberry and cherry jam that lead to a long, velvety finish. (224 cases produced) Patz & Hall Photo

James Hall, Donald Patz, Anne Moses and Heather Patz of Patz & Hall

For more information on Patz & Hall in the state of Texas, please contact Mosaic Wine Group.

The best espresso in Texas?


Chef Andrew Weissman of Il Sogno in San Antonio — slated to open tomorrow, see details below — may make one of the meanest espressos this side of the Mason-Dixon Line but the title of “Best Espresso in Texas” is still held by Austin’s Jeff Courington (above), owner Vino Vino, where the Mosaic Wine Group staff can found on many long hot summer afternoons, sipping the java and enjoying the FREE and super-fast wi-fi. Most folks think of Vino Vino for the best natural wine list in Texas but we go there for the espresso, too. Check it out:

Vino Vino
4119 Guadalupe St
Austin TX 78751-4222

There is still no phone number listed for Il Sogno in San Antonio, slated to open tomorrow, but here’s what we know:

Il Sogno (Chef Andrew Weissman)
Pearl Brewery
300 E Grayson St
San Antonio TX 78215
no phone number listed

Il Sogno and Vino Vino both feature the wines of Vias Imports.