Everyone is talking about Kermit


Legendary wine importer and singer-songwriter Kermit Lynch has been in New York this week for the release of his new album, Man’s Temptation (Dualtone). Kermit rarely travels these days outside of Europe and so his visit and appearances in the Big Apple have caused quite a stir! It seems that every blogger and wine writer has been covering his time in the big city. Here’s what New York Magazine had to say today:

    Venerable wine importer Kermit Lynch is a legend in his trade for championing French producers who express terroir — wines that embody where they come from. But before he opened his first wine shop in California in 1972, Lynch had a band. “Those were drug days and it was hard to keep a band together and keep everybody conscious,” he says. Better for the future of European wine in America than the music, Lynch’s shop took off during a recession, when he scored devalued wines like Echézeaux Grand Cru Burgundy, previously retailing for $60 a bottle, and sold it for $60 a case. His sleeper singer-songwriter career didn’t fully resurface until last month, when he released the album Man’s Temptation. He describes his blend of blues, country, and rock as “rootsy American.” In town to promote his dual loves — and visit with his daughter at NYU — Lynch slips in other oenophilic descriptors in this wine-lover’s edition of New York Diet. Keep an eye out for “juicy risotto.”

Check out what Kermit and entourage have been eating and drinking while in New York here.

How friggin’ cool is it that Kermit is coming to Austin!!!!!????

Kermit Spins his new album Man’s Temptation

Monday, November 9, 2009, 7 p.m. (doors at 5 p.m.)
$20 (ticket price includes 1 glass of wine)

Vino Vino
4119 Guadalupe St
Austin, TX 78751-4222
(512) 465-9282

with a menu inspired by the wines and travels of Kermit Lynch

All currently stocked Kermit Lynch wines will be available by the glass and available for sale retail.

Reservations required, space limited.

To reserve, please call (512) 465-9282 or email jeff@vinovinotx.com.


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