Mosaic Marketing Dept. hard at work for you!


Above: the Marketing Dept. at Mosaic Wine Group is a veritable command center and brain trust where staffers are constantly monitoring the Internets and media for news about our products. State-of-the-art, advanced, cutting-edge, peerless technology aids us in our quest to keep you current, informed, and up-to-speed on recent accolades for our products. We make damn good coffee, too!

Check out the newly updated ACCOLADES page where you find recently added pages on a number of our products, including Bisol, Cantele, and recent 90+ scores for Vias Wines and Robert Parker’s report on Southern and Central Italian wines.

You’ll also find many useful “printable” downloads, useful for sharing with your accounts, clients, patrons, and mom.

MOSAIC WINE GROUP MARKETING DEPT. TIP OF THE DAY: if you’re looking for accolades for a certain product, simply type the name of the product or producer in the search dialog in the upper right hand corner of our blog. Here are the results for a recent search for “Cantele.” Try it! It’s fun and easy to use…

While you’re at it, please check out Wine & Spirits Magazine Senior Editor Wolfgang Weber’s recent notes on Vinitaly, in which Vias wines get some fine praise.


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