Let a fork just be a fork at Ciel Plaza in San Antonio!

freudWhen asked about the meaning of his cigar, Sigmund Freud famously answered, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” If ever there were a time to listen to the father of psychoanalysis, it is now!

The curmudgeons over the at Stone Oak Property Owners Association are forcing the owner and developer of Ciel Plaza on Stone Oak Pkwy in San Antonio, Damien Watel, to conceal the fork sculpture created by local artist Gilbert Duran. You can read about the saga in My San Antonio here. Ciel Plaza is home to two new additions to the San Antonio dining scene, Ciel (Damien’s new fine French restaurant) and Ciao 2 (a chic, youthful Italian concept inspired by his popular Italian eatery Ciao Lavanderia).

Yesterday, Mosaic Wine Group visited Ciel Plaza to attend its Stone Oak neighborhood Paella Party and was shocked to see that Damien has already been forced to start construction of the wall. What a shame! The photos below were shot yesterday.

Ciel Plaza
Ciel and Ciao 2
20626 Stone Oak Pkwy
San Antonio TX‎


Dear Stone Oak Property Owners: please let the Ciel Plaza fork JUST BE A FORK!


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