The best sommelier in San Antonio: Fabien Jacob, Le Rêve

fabien_jacobThe people of San Antonio have spoken: the San Antonio Current readers poll has named Fabien Jacob “the best sommelier in San Antonio.”

A native of Lyon, France, Fabien resides over one of the top cellars in San Antonio at chef Andrew Weissman and his wife Maureen’s celebrated restaurant Le Rêve. The following is an excerpt from a recent profile of the Weissmans published by OnTheTownEzine:

Sommelier Fabien Jacob has a knowledge of wine and cuisine that belies his 32 years. Born in Lyon, France, Jacob started his career in restaurants at the age of 12, and his resume includes working for one of the legendary founders of Nouvelle Cuisine, Paul Bocuse.

But while attending chef school, he realized he preferred working the front of the house. “I didn’t like to be in the kitchen; I like more contact with the customers,” he said. His decision proved to be a good one: his keen palate, passione for his work and attention to customers is a perfect fit for Le Rêve.

In describing how to pair wine with a particular dish, Jacob said, “There are always key components you have to look at: acidity, earthiness of the dish, is it rich, like with the taste of butter, or is it steamed? I determine the flavor profile of the dish and then what goes with it… I want to emphasize the flavor of the dish, not the wine.”

To illustrate he compared the food at Le Rêve to a beautiful painting. “The main focus of the restaurant is the food,” he said. “I just want [the wine] to be a frame around that.”

Congratulations Fabien! No one deserves it more than you. Chapeau!


3 responses to “The best sommelier in San Antonio: Fabien Jacob, Le Rêve

  1. Congratulations Fabien! You deserve it man! hope to see you soon… j

  2. pinseel richard

    hoping you have always conserv your smile and the skill for the service “à la francaise” … Progress as you well know !!!
    I hope to see you very soon
    Best wishes

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