Sex, wine, and rock ‘n’ roll…

Well, just kidding about the “sex” part. This post is really just about wine and rock ‘n’ roll…


Above: Mosaic Wine Group’s Jeremy Parzen (back row, far left) plays guitar in Nous Non Plus, a faux-French indy rock band.

Mosaic Wine Group was stoked to read a review of Nous Non Plus’s new album Ménagerie in Blender Magazine, when we took time out for a beer and moment of relaxing at the Oklahoma City Airport yesterday. Here’s what the folks at Blender had to say:

    [NNP’s] music evokes ’60s Parisian cocktail pop to construct a comforting, sophisticated respite from the coarseness of modern life — flutes and strings augment acoustic guitars as soft and buttery as a croissant. Underneath the sumptuousness, though, nervous romanticism does battle with a prankster streak.

Click here to read the whole review.

Jeremy (aka Jar aka Cal d’Hommage) will be appearing with the band next month in California:

San Francisco at Rickshaw Stop (May 7)
San Jose at Nickel City (May 8)
Los Angeles at Spaceland (May 9)

Click cities for advanced ticket sales (recommended especially for LA and San Francisco).

Rock on Jar!


One response to “Sex, wine, and rock ‘n’ roll…

  1. Thanks, Dan, for the shout out… One of these days we got to get the faux Frenchies out to Austin for some honky tonkin!

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