Tenuta San Leonardo: Legendary Red Wines from the Dolomites

Mosaic Wine Group had the great pleasure of visiting iconic property Tenuta San Leonardo last week during its whirlwind tour of Northeast Italy. Tenuta San Leonardo is the pride of Trentino, producing one of the worlds great red wines, San Leonardo. The estate, founded in 1724, is owned by the Marchesi Carlo Guerrieri Gonzaga, whose lineage dates back many generations in the region and beyond. Early historical reference to the estate dates back almost 1500 years, and the winery today seeks to preserve its long, storied history through its classic winemaking style and prescience. Rich in history, the future of San Leonardo is also in capable hands of the son of the Marchesi, Anselmo, and the winemaking of legendary Carlo Ferrini. 


Above: Dan Redman of Mosaic Wine Group with the Marquis Carlo Guerrieri-Gonzaga and his dog Barrique of Tenuta San Leonardo.

The estate is over 300 hectares (approximately 750 acres), situated in the Dolomite Mountains of Trentino. The flagship wine of the estate is San Leonardo, a Bordeaux-blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, made only in the finest vintages. The second wine of the estate is a Merlot-based wine, called Villa Gresti, which also includes a small percentage Carmenere.


Above: Vineyards of Tenuta San Leonardo in the Dolomite Alps.

Visiting Tenuta San Leonardo on a crisp spring day, one can see and feel the history of the family, meticulously maintained by the family stewards — the pristine vineyards, manicured lawns and gardens; the immaculate estate house; the incredible wine cellar, historical museum and chapel. Pictures cannot express the beauty of this estate.


Above: Team Texas (Alfonso Cevola, Jeremy Parzen, Josh Loving, Joseph Kemble, and Joe Piccola) walking the estate of Tenuta San Leonardo.

The wines of Tenuta San Leonardo have received legendary status — receiving the coveted Tre Bicchieri (Three Glass) award from Gambero Rosso consistently in almost every vintage over the past 12 years. On this visit, we tasted through three vintages of San Leonardo — 2003, 2004 and a library bottling from 1996, as well as the 2004 Villa Gresti. Stunning wines that exhibit classic bordelaise structure, with elegance, restrain and incredible structure and depth. The ’96 San Leonardo, from a challenging vintage, showed power and precision with complex flavors and aromas — drinking perfectly after 13 years.


Above: The Villa at San Leonardo.

The wines of Tenuta San Leonardo are classic wines that will rival any of the best Bordeaux blends from anywhere in the world. We are grateful for the opportunity to visit this historic estate of Italy and thank the Marchesi for hosting our group and showing his incredible hospitality.


Above: Marquis Carlo Guerrieri-Gonzaga riding his circa 1940s U.S. military motorcycle.


For more information on Tenuta San Leonardo, please visit www.sanleonardo.it.


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