Top palates: Fabrizio Pedrolli and Joseph Kemble at Da Pino


Above: Vias founder and owner Fabrizio Pedrolli (far left) and Spec’s Italian Wine Buyer Joseph Kemble (far right) traded tasting notes over dinner and Maso Poli wines at Da Pino the other night in Passo Mendola (Trentino).

Ristorante Da Pino
Via Postal 39
38010 San Michele all’Adige (TN)
tel. 0461 650435

Last week, Mosaic Wine Group shared dinner with top palates in the Italian wine world, Fabrizio Pedrolli, found and owner of Vias Imports, and Joseph Kemble, Italian Wine Buyer for Spec’s Houston.

Joseph was recently honored by the Italian Trade Commission with a Distinguished Service Platinum Award for his impressive career in Italian wine and his contribution to the promotion of Italian wines and Italian wine education.

Also in attendance was winemaker extraordinaire Luigi Togn of Maso Poli.

Da Pino is known for its impressive wine list, wine service, and the picturesque wine cellar, which can accommodate parties and private dining.


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