Whacky Nachos for the Wine Savvy at BRIX Wine Cellars, Houston


Above: Don & Nita from BRIX Wine Cellars.

BRIX Wine Cellars
110-T Vintage Park Blvd.
Houston TX 77070

Mosaic Wine Group recently caught up with Don & Nita, owners of Brix Wine Cellars in NW Houston and tasted through some wines from the Mosaic portfolio. Brix Wine Cellars opened just a few short months ago and features an array of wines from all across the globe. Brix Wine Cellars is a huge supporter of wines from the Mosaic Wine Group portfolio, and we’ll soon be posting dates for upcoming events.

Adding to the warm and inviting ambiance, you can choose from a vast selection of wine flights, wines by the glass & bottle and enjoy some wonderful menu items from their creative, wine-friendly food menu. During our visit, we checked out some of the craziest nachos ever concocted — kettle chips, loaded with a blend of aromatic cheeses, olives, tomatoes, and bacon — whacky, unique and truly the first time I’ve seen nachos paired with wine. 


Above: The world's Whackiest Nachos from BRIX.

Please stop in to check out the place, and tell ’em we sent you — they may even let you stay a while. They’re great people and we look forward to spending a lot of time supporting them!  



4 responses to “Whacky Nachos for the Wine Savvy at BRIX Wine Cellars, Houston

  1. You know Do Bianchi has gotta go check out them nachos! I am a NACHOS fanatic!

  2. the FIRST time…? 😉

  3. feels like the first time… feels like the very first time…

  4. Nachos and Wine! F’n A!!!!

    I have to incorporate them into my annual “TacoCtoberfest”

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