Mosaic and Vias launch with Glazer’s Louisiana


Above: Mosaic Wine Group founder and jefe Dan Redman speaks to the 50+ person Glazer’s sales team.

It’s official: on Friday, February 27, Mosaic Wine Group and Vias launched their new partnership with Glazer’s Louisiana. Mosaic founder Dan Redman traveled last week to Louisiana to conduct a seminar on Italian wines and the Vias portfolio and lead a guided tasted of 6 wines, including Argiano’s superb 2006 NC (a Super Tuscan blend of Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, and Sangiovese), the fresh 2007 Moscato d’Asti Scarpona by Marenco, and the killer 2003 Barolo by iconic Piedmontese producer Damilano.


Above: They love ’em some Mardi Gras down in Louisiana. The Glazer’s reception desk was still adorned with Mardi Gras festivity on Friday.

Also in attendance for the gathering of more than 50 sales team members were General Sales Manager Mark Stover, State Portfolio Manager Greg Meyer, Director of Sales Prestige On-Premise Wines Kevin Theard, Director of Sales Paramount Division John Skidmore, and Director of Sales Domaine & Estates Division Anthony Domingue.

Thank you Glazer’s Louisiana! Mosaic could not have received a warmer welcome. We look forward to bringing great Italian wine to the great state of Louisiana!


One response to “Mosaic and Vias launch with Glazer’s Louisiana

  1. Thanks….. Now that we have pictures it is offical!

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