Argiano’s “L’O”: a sexy new rosé from Montalcino

rosatoMosaic Wine Group was totally geeked to get a preview of Argiano’s new sexy rosé, L’O (literally, the O). According to Argiano’s website, the name of its new screw-cap rosé (made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah) “L’O” comes from the Italian orciaia (pronounced ohr-CHAY-yah), meaning a cellar for orci (OHR-chee), large terracotta containers filled with extra-virgin olive oil. But here at Mosaic Wine Group, we are convinced that the name comes from… ahem, well… let’s just say, the birds and the bees.

Seriously, we are really excited about O. The fruit for this wine is source from vineyards located in Sant’Angelo in Colle, the highest growing sites in the entire township of Montalcino, reaching above 400 meters a.s.l. The resulting cool evening temperatures gives this wine a remarkable freshness and the traditional winemaking style highlights the natural fruit flavors. A lot of rosé is made and consumed in Montalcino but not very much of it reaches the U.S. market and we are looking forward to showing this unique and truly sexy wine. The screw cap is an added bonus: it’s green, it’s server- and consumer-friendly, and it reduces risk of cork taint.

Click here for the tech sheet.


2 responses to “Argiano’s “L’O”: a sexy new rosé from Montalcino

  1. Sgt. Sassafras

    That looks like the Best Rose Ever!

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